Reuse and Recycling Solutions

For over 23 years, PowerON Services, Inc. has specialized in the development and implementation of both "Turn-Key" and "Customized" product Take Back, Value Recovery & Reuse Solutions for some of the largest companies in the world. Our diverse team of experienced professionals have backgrounds in reuse, global sales, value forecasting, logistics, repair, customer service, software development, marketing, design, as well as, data security, value reclamation, de-manufacturing, recycling and brand protection. This collaborative approach yields a well-rounded and focused strategy, allowing us to provide both Reuse and Recycling solutions that are truly world class.
Reuse Solutions provide our clients with In-store and online solutions for Consumer Direct Trade-in Programs, Educational Trade-in Programs, Small Business Accounts, Channel Partner Programs, Enterprise Business Programs, Large Enterprise (Data Center/Server) Programs, CapEx Equipment Programs, Post-Consumer Retail Returns, Off-Lease Fair Market Value (FMV) Programs, Free Recycling Mail-back Programs, Spare Pool Asset Programs and Excess Stock Resale.

The trend is to go bigger to cover a larger geographical area. Let us help you design a Better Solution providing superior Customer Service covering the globe.

PowerON Services, Inc. specializes in the movement and processing of used computing, mobile and consumer electronics.
Recycling Solutions provide our clients with a much more intelligent option than simply shipping all the used computing, mobile and consumer electronics to a recycler for shredding. Our solutions aim to be self-funding by reclaiming all client approved reusable NAND and Integrated Circuits (IC), before any products are sent to a recycler for shredding. All of our solutions are custom designed to alleviate any client data & brand security concerns by providing a complete 1:1 piece count disposition and proprietary IC destruction prior to sending to a recycler.

Weight based metrics are dead, so let us take a look before you decide to shred.

PowerON Services, Inc. specializes in reclaiming maximum value and complete transparency for all used computing, mobile and consumer electronics.

Services & Solutions

Take Back

Providing our Fortune 500 customers with turnkey product Trade-in solutions for their Consumer Direct, Educational, Small Business and Enterprise accounts.

Enterprise Asset Management

Delvering customized Provisioning, fully compliant Data Sanitization, and industry leading Process Engineering for devices large or small.

Value Asset Recovery

Focusing on De-manufacturing, Parts Reclamation, Reconfiguration, Tests & Diagnostics, and Capital Expenditure.

Global Resale Marketing

Offers secondary sales channels utilizing a comprehensive distribution network with full service logistics, asset tracking, reporting, and call center.

Buy/Sell Excess Inventory

We'll help you recover maximum value for your excess inventory. We deal with all brands and manufacturers of consumer electronics.

EOL Management

Our processes ensure “End of Life” procedures are followed for every device based on compliance and certification guidelines.

Simplified Pricing for All Trade-In Programs

PowerON uses a Working / Non-Working pricing model to determine the trade-in value of each device. This approach allows us to deliver our customers and partners a fast and accurate quote value.

Working - The device powers on, has a functional display, with no cracked glass or defective internal components.

Non-Working - The device does NOT power on, does NOT have a functional display, has cracked glass or defective internal components.

Access to Comprehensive Real-Time Data Reporting

Monitor all aspects of your business's trade-in program with up-to-the-minute data 24/7. Our dashboard view provides managers and executives critical desicion making information in the form of easy to ready pie charts and tables.

Use the dashboard's "Reporting" tab to access additional report options. If you don't see the report critical to your business, just tell us, we can generate custom reports based on your specific needs.

Proven & Trusted Data Security Measures

We understand the importance of data security in the digital age. PowerON employees adhere to rigid security policies and procedures to ensure data is protected throughout all of our processes.

PowerON is in full compliance with all industry leading standards including: National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST Pub 800-88), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) and PII Removal (NIST Special Publication 800-122).

Environmentally Friendly Recycling Strategies

PowerON is committed to both the environment and our communities by helping to reduce e-waste in our landfills across the country, conserving natural resources and providing access to less costly technology to those who need it. By trading-in or recycling aging, unwanted technology you become our valued partner in these efforts and of course, you make some money in the process.

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